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What is YouTube?

This is a question that I probably don't even have to answer considering that YouTube is the most visited website in the world as of 2020, but for those of you that must have been living under a rock for the past decade plus, I will indulge you

YouTube is by far the most popular video-sharting website on the net.

You can find almost anything that you can imagine when it comes to videos on YouTube.

Whether you need to look up a tutorial on how to change the blades on a specific model lawn mower, you need help getting through a difficult level on a video game, you want to learn how to play a specific song on the guitar, and everything in between, you can almost certainly find it on YouTube.

YouTube was founded back in 2005 and has gradually grown into the most popular website in terms of total traffic, and it even gets more traffic than the Google search engine which blew my mind.

Google actually purchased YouTube in 2006 for a staggering $1.65 billion dollars, but it is now estimate to be worth an even more staggering $90 billion dollars!

Lots of people have YouTube channels from individuals to brands and products.

YouTube creators that get a lot of views can monetize their channel by displaying ads before or during their videos.

This has become a very lucrative business for many different people around the globe.

As I said before, YouTube is the number one website in the world in terms of the amount of traffic it receives, making it the most popular between all social media channels, including Facebook.

YouTube Statistics for 2020

YouTube gets more traffic than any other website in the world with over 2 billions unique visitors per month.

79 percent of internet users have a YouTube account, and many others likely still watch videos on YouTube without actually signing up for an account.

8 out of 10 marketers consider YouTube to be the most effective video platform in terms of advertising.

90 percent of people say that they have discovered a new product or business through YouTube which shows how effective marketing on YouTube can be.

Over 90 percent of internet users between the ages of 18-44 have accessed YouTube.

People collectively watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos every single day! 70 percent of this comes from a mobile device while the rest is accessed through a desktop computer.

There is about 720,000 hours of new video content uploaded daily on YouTube.

62 percent of businesses have a YouTube channel to share video content with their customers and target audience.

Over 90 percent of digital video viewers use YouTube, making it by far the most popular source for digital video consumption.

What is Influencer Marketing?

There are many different marketing strategies out there in 2020, especially with the meteoric rise of the internet.

Influencer marketing is one of the newer strategies out there today that still isn't widely used by many marketing agencies, and since it isn't fully saturated yet there can be some very good ROIs with influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is basically a collaboration between a brand, business, or individual and the person known as the 'influencer.'

The influencer is the person behind the social media account that typically has a large following, or is known as an expert in their particular industry or niche.

Every influencer marketing campaign is different and each campaign has a specific goal in mind. Many influencer campaigns are created to help a company sell a product or service or possibly introduce a new product into the market.

Other influencer marketing campaigns may be started to increase the online awareness of a brand or business.

Changing how a brand or business is seen by the public is another common goal of influencer campaigns.

Sometimes a brand or individual may create an influencer marketing campaign solely to increase their online following or brand awareness.

There are many other reasons someone may want to start an influencer campaign, but making money is typically the short-term or long-term goal when it comes to any type of marketing campaign.

With influencer marketing the influencers post your product or service to their engaged audience to try to influence them into buying your product or trying out your service.

Since the influencer did all of the hard work in gaining their following, it is highly recommended to let them take the reigns when it comes to the influencer marketing strategy in which they will use to introduce your product/service/brand to their following.

They know their following better than anyone and therefore likely know how to 'influence' them much better than you would.

The followers of influencers typically trust influencers when it comes to their opinions on products, companies, and trends which is why influencer marketing can be so effective.

Your overall goal with an influencer marketing campaign, along with your target audience, and marketing budget will determine what type of influencer you should use for the campaign.

What is YouTube Influencer Marketing?

This is simply an influencer marketing campaign that is created using an influencer on the YouTube platform.

There could be many reasons why someone would specifically want to use an influencer on YouTube including demographics, the overall popularity of the site, or possibly the perceived neccessity of introducing one's product or service through video content.

While YouTube is filled with influencers, it can also be one of the most difficult social media platforms to find influencers that are willing to work with you.

With Facebook or Instagram you can directly send messages to influencers, and while this isn't neccessarily an effective way or finding an influencer to work with, at least it is a possibility.

WIth YouTube, the only similar way one could reach out to a content creator would be through commenting on their videos.

The problem with this is the fact that popular channels receive hundreds if not thousands of comments on each video per day, and the content creator likely doesn't take the time to read each and every one of their comments.

Even if they did happen to read your comment trying to reach out for collaboration, the chance for a reply is highly unlikely.

How can I Find Influencers to Work With on YouTube?

This is where finding a reliable influencer marketing agency is almost a must, especially with YouTube. is a digital marketing agency based out of Los Angeles that specializes in influencer marketing.

Syft has a broad network of influencers on all social media platforms, including YouTube.

Syft also has an influencer marketing platform that allows you to search for influencers based upon the social media platform where they create content.

This means that Syft's platform makes it easy for you to search for influencers on YouTube that are actively looking for collaborations with brands or businesses.

Syft not only specializes in influencer marketing, but we also have in-depth analytics to track every step of your campaign's progress.

This will help you to increase your ROIs by scaling up successful campaigns and saving money by ceasing campaigns that aren't getting the bang for buck you're looking for.

Using an influencer marketing agency like Syft is by far the easiest way to lock up collabs with YouTube influencers since Syft already actively works with hundreds, if not thousands, of popular and high quality content creators.

Syft has worked with huge brands like Burger King, Frito-Lay, Bang Energy Drinks, Universal Studios, Atlantic Records, and many more!

Marketing on YouTube has came a long way from simply buying ads on YouTube, using a promo code to track new customers, or paying others to watch the videos you create on YouTube.

Influencer marketing has transformed the online marketing industry and is a key in making your business boom!

Trust the company that knows influencer marketing inside and out and start your YouTube influencer marketing campaign with us today!

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