SYFT | Bang Energy Campaign

Bang Energy Drink Awareness Campaign

How we strategically created brand equity and awareness through sustained influencer promotion on Instagram and Youtube.

The Challenge

In the extremely competitive and well-established energy drink industry, Bang challenged us to identify influencers within our network as Bang Energy Elites to take part in a large-scale influencer marketing initiative. Our objective was to drive constant brand awareness and engagement through the social platforms’ of Elites on an ongoing basis.

Bang came to us and asked

How can we do a massive-scale campaign to increase our brand awareness with your network of influencers using the most effective ways?

The Design

Given Bang Energy’s goals and the scope of this promotion, we took the following steps to ensure a smooth workflow for influencers and that we delivered on our promise of success as an agency partner

Tailored Influencer Selection:

By working closely with the Bang Energy marketing team, we first identified influencer niches to target based on internal consumer segmentation data and acquisition goals.

With the two key niches being gaming & pop culture, we then hand-picked influencers within each category who could deliver the strongest user engagement as Bang Elites.

Dedicated Marketing Specialist:

An initiative of this scope required hands-on support from the Syft team to ensure precise execution. By staffing a dedicated marketing specialist to handle day-to-day operations, we created a single point of contact for both influencers and the Bang Energy team which greatly improved transparency and efficiency.

Streamlined Approval Processes

20+ influencers, each with 2+ posts a week and detailed content requirements from the Bang Energy team contributed to a content approval process that could bottleneck without proper management.

The Syft marketing team worked with influencers and Bang Energy to develop standard onboarding and content approval processes to cut down on inefficient management time.

With these time savings, our team’s focus shifted to more valuable performance insights and optimizations.

Examples of What We Produced

16Mfollowers on YouTube

Bang sponsored video gained 4M views, 153K likes and 29K comments

3.3Mfollowers on Instagram

Bang sponsored video gained 2.6M views, 266K likes and 3K comments

Sam Pepper
3.8Mfollowers and
97.1Mlikes on TikTok

Bang sponsored video gained 148.5K likes, 795K comments and 240 shares

The Bottom Line

Any marketing effort of this scale requires a team that will not shy away from sustained management and ultimately understands what needs to happen to drive results for the client.

The time & expertise dedicated by the Syft team over the course of more than a year led to highly successful business outcomes for Bang Energy:

6 YouTube Videos

2.5 billion

2.5 billion impressions

400 million

400 million views

41 million

41 million user engagements

1 million

1 million comments

Campaign Summary

Overall, this was a sustained marketing effort with the goal of ingraining Bang Energy as a brand into the profiles of our creators. By creating hundreds of posts across multiple social media platforms over the course of a year, with each post maintaining high-quality standards, millions of followers saw Bang as an extension of our creators and drove a level of engagement / awareness that is not possible with traditional paid media.

According to IRI Chicago 2019 Pacesetters Ranking, Bang ranked as the No.1 new food & beverage brand. In addition, Bang grew over 200% in dollar and unit sales from 2018 to 2019.

Bang has put tremendous efforts on influencer marketing and worked with multiple agencies, including Syft.

It has spent half a billion dollars on influencer marketing, while a million dollars on Syft.

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