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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Importance of Influencer Marketing and Why You Can't Afford to Skip It

In the previous years, the importance of influencer marketing has grown exponentially. According to B2C, 93% of marketers have implemented influencers into their core marketing strategy. From a hesitant approach in brand strategies to brand's imperative need to build a network of influencers in order to market, in just a few years it has taken the world by storm; as we enter 2020, it's important to highlight why influencer marketing is extremely necessary in order for a brand to succeed and why you just can't afford to skip it.

In this digitally driven world, running a successful campaign is quite hard without leading, authentic influencers. Influencer Marketing Hub stated that 82% of consumers saying they were very likely to act on the recommendation of an influencer they follow.

Meaning without a middle man to give that validation of a product to a consumer, the chances of a campaign following through starts to slim. Investing in influencer marketing can be extremely beneficial to both parties— improving brand awareness, reaching your target audience, and immense reach while influencers reap the rewards of more exposure, financial compensation, and the ability to test out products/services they are genuinely interested in.

Influencers are often the driving force behind new trends; according to Linqia, 57% of marketers say influencer content outperforms their own brand content. When a brand chooses niche influencers that directly represents the audience they want to target, they make sure to align an influencer's and the brand's core values.